Major Events

Echo Wind Found-The legend of Echo Wind having been found is steeped in rumors, false hoods and legends. Most of these say that Echo Wind was actually found somewhere in the central island that lay between Tarvos and Levithios. No one story of who found it is the same and range from a half-orc barbarian, to a young dragonborn to Breaks-The-Sky himself. All that is known for sure is that it was found and disappeared not long after. There are numerous witnesses that report having seen the fabled weapon being carried by one individual or another, but all these accounts are varied leading no one to truly be sure of it’s fate.

The Twisted Spire-According to legends, around the time that Echo Wind was said to be found, the Kingdom of Telvasin and the Spire that housed the throne of King Tel’zathmir were demolished in a large, arcane explosion. The few adventurers that attempted to visit the kingdom after this reported that the Spire still stood, yet it was a twisted and decayed version of it’s former self. Further investigations were said to be impossible as the devastated remains of the kingdom surrounding what would come to be known as The Twisted Spire is haunted by the former inhabitants of Telvasin.

The Genesis War-This was the coming of Agnarak-Sul. Near a temple of Melora, in the far north west of the continent a large planar rift opened and loosed an extra planar being. Word had spread of his coming from a cult that had sprung up around a Warlock named Galiel called The Promise. This was shortly lived however, as a few moments after the entity invaded another being appeared at the site. This was the first appearance of the God of Hatred, Xyxil. A fierce battle ensued between the two deities, and rumors say that ground troops also took part in the chaos. Rushing to join the fray were the remaining members of the Order of the Renewed Wilds. They knew that no matter which of these beings were to emerge victorious, it would most certainly spell the end of The Forest. The battle took place in just one night, and at the end Agnarak-Sul was laid low, his cult scattered to the winds. None of the members of the Order of the Renewed Wilds returned from this battle, and the God of Hatred vanished shortly after Agnarak-Sul was felled. It was at this point that the large moon appeared in the sky and shattered the Eyes of the Gods. Reports suggest that the first notable appearance of Faded was after this battle. The corpse of Agnarak-Sul still lays draped over the Temple, and though decayed, it has not rotted into nothingness after all this time. This battle is thought to also have begun the worship of Xyxil as a proper God, and thus was born The Cult of Grinning Doom.

Crowning of Mustab-Around the same time the rift opened releasing Agnarak-Sul another rift opened in the Levithios. Not much is known about the events that took place here, but the results are clear. The efreet known as Mustab and his army of slave warriors, known as the Unbridled took control of the country and Mustab became the self proclaimed King of the Desert.

Major Events

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