(Side note. The name of the world itself is Kaelum. The country is Tarvos. The other continent across the way is called Levithios.)

Telvasin- The former capital city. It now lays inside a vast circle of devastation and houses the Twisted Spire. Supposedly haunted.

Lelwir- no longer exists. As The Forest began to die around it, the populace abandoned their city.

Havashire- a port city east of Telvasin that is still involved in trade with Levithios. Has grown in size due to a number of refugees from some of the other abandoned cities.

Falshen- a town that lays between two dead areas of The Forest. It has grown in size due to refugees from other cities, as well as being the last area left that Airships from Olvhir may land. This town is fiercely protected by it’s populace.

Olvhir- a town that floats upon the Zephyr Mountains far to the south west of Telvasin. This is the home of the dwarves. Networks of interlinked caves form a city that rivals the size of Telvasin. Trade with the dwarves is difficult and has become even more rare since the fall of Telvasin, but occasionally airships of amazing dwarven craftsmanship will land at Falshen to do mass amounts of trading. It’s strange to see dwarves outside of Olvhir, especially now, as they are typically more comfortable within the confined spaces of their mountain dwellings as opposed to the mass of forest found below. Olvhir has an amazing natural defense in that it sits on the Zephyr Mountains and short of flying yourself, there are few ways to reach the dwarven city.

Arknith- a small town far to the south west of Telvasin, and to the north of Olvhir’s usual position. Though it has no particular defenses, it does house a local militia. The main draw to the eye in this town is the large manor house that sits dead center of the city on a steep hill. It remains untouched by any of the major events that have occurred. The main difference is the population here has grown.

Ravari- no longer exists. was abandoned after the Genesis War.

Parasade- while still being a large town, it has gotten a reputation of being a very difficult place to live. While such claims are frequently denied by it’s leaders, new citizens seem to have little interest in making a home here.

Journey’s End- The new capital city. This is where the new Noble Council resides and has become the largest town in Tarvos, even larger than Telvasin.


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