The Noble Council

The Noble Council of Telvasin is an elected council that is voted on by all the nobles in the area. Nobility is decided by birthright or being raised by the acting king. There are 7 members on the council. One for each of the cities surrounding Telvasin. Obviously, it is a position of great power because when raised to the Noble Council, you not only are allowed to present laws to the Lord Mayor, you are given control of one of the towns in the surrounding area. Granted that can mean extra work as you are responsible for the town, but most Noble Council members send Magistrates to take direct control of their towns. It also means though, that all income from said town belongs to the controlling noble. Technically, all laws presented to the Council from a member of the Council are voted on and, if passed, are sent to the Lord Mayor for approval. It’s is generally thought though, that the nobles on the Council make deals with each other to ensure their laws are passed. As of now, there has been no significant complaint about this practice, as the populace is rather happy with their laws and tax rates. It’s is also widely known that the current Lord Mayor came into the position through the influence of the current Noble Council. It is also widely rumored that he is a weak willed man, and pretty much presents all laws the Noble Council passes to Tel’a’zathmir. This also doesn’t concern the populace though, because Tel’a’zathmir has proven to be a capable king.

Creating a law with all above in mind goes like this; A)Noble Council member presents law B)Noble Council votes on law(if voted against, it stops here) C)Noble Council presents law to Lord Mayor(if the Lord Mayor dislikes the law, it stops here) D)Lord Mayor presents law to king(if the king feels the law is unfair or dislikes it, it stops here) E)The written law is presented by the Lord Mayor’s Scribes in the center of town, and a copy of it is etched into The Laws of Tarvos.

The Current Noble Council

Arknith-Lord Garin Leonne

Parasade-Lord Jamis Parasade

Havashire-Lady Archades-Pent

Falshen-Lady Chana Diel

Olvhir-Havnir Holdenrack

Journey’s End-Lady Black

Lord Speaker-Lady Belthaine Eltem

Queen-Queen Gwaenis Adele

The Noble Council

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