Order of the Renewed Wilds

Having been totally desolated in the Genesis War the Order no longer exists as a primal conclave. The new Order of the Renewed Wilds is an Order of Paladins whose mission is to restore The God of the Forest and the rest of the Gods to their rightful place in the sky. They actively hunt any Cult of the Grinning Doom they can find, and the stronger members constantly make attempts on any Faded Ones they find. They are led by the grandson of Guards the Past, Guards the Future(Bulwark Waylander)(named after his grandfather’s spirit companion).

(This is the local Primal Conclave. The forest here is an amazing thing, and as such an amazing group of individuals takes care of it’s health. Everyone in the area has heard of the Order of the Renewed Wilds. Even the dwarves of Olvhir know of the Order. Though they number only ten, the Order manages to take care of many services for the towns surrounding the area, as well as mapping the more dangerous parts of the forest for the town’s villagers. Frequently, members of the Order enter town to provide healing, supply herbs, or assist hunters in finding game. They also take it upon themselves to find any villager that may lose themselves in the enormous forest. Their ranks are not always set at 10, that just is the current number of them. They are spoken of in revered tones, and young men from the villages that take an interest in the primal forces of the world hope to one day count themselves among the Order’s members.

The current members of the Order of the Renewed Wilds

Breaks the Sky(shifter; Moonstalker)The leader of the Order. His wisdom and power are things of legends. He is amazingly patient with frustrated individuals and is always quite polite. It is said however, that should anyone attempt to harm the forest more than is necessary or attack someone he considers under his care(pretty much everyone that ever enters the forest) the strength with which he can fight can tear the sky itself apart.

Falrid Glanbek(dwarf, Shaman)The newest member of the Order. Falrid is charged with taking care of the small town of Arknith. Is almost always accompanied by his spirit companion that appears as a ridiculously large beaver.

Memoni(Eladrin, Warden)Memoni is a quiet, contemplative soul. She has the least contact with the surrounding towns next to her companion Ohrdin. Is in charge of the area around Lelwir.

Ohrdin(Goliath, Barbarian)Memoni’s companion. Is also very introspective. Deals with the villagers only when with Memoni or when ordered by Breaks the Sky.

Guards the Past(Human, Shaman)Etin Waylander, or Guards the Past’s area is that around the town of Falshen. He is very stoic and always accompanied by his spirit companion Bulwark. Bulwark appears most often in the form of a giant humanoid tree, but has been known to take other forms. It is said that Guards the Past is in charge of the defense of The Order of the Renewed Wild’s sacred ground west of Telvasin.)

Order of the Renewed Wilds

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